A socialist or a liberal energy sector?

Do you view energy as an ordinary commodity or an important democratic governed input factor in industrial construction and electrification? “On the production side, we have in recent years seen a large-scale demolition of nature […]. On the consumption side,…

The Green Scam

Predator capitalism is ill-suited to solve the environmental crisis. By Ingrid Fiskaa, a municipal board member for SV in Time,leader Rogaland, and member of the program committee in SV The green shift is here, and it’s anything but beautiful. In a…

The Norwegian Petrokrati

Norway has perfected the ability to live in two parallel climate worlds by Ståle Holgersen originally first published in Swedish Aftonbladet Nature: Oil licences undermine Norway’s ocean leadership The Norwegian oil ideology says that climate change is man-made, but that…

Woman, have children

#Idonotgivebirthalone The maternity offer in Norway is going in the wrong direction. Thousands of women have birth stories that can make the water go for most people. Line Oma, city council representative for the Oslo Labor Party (on maternity leave)…

The enemy of the people on Frøya

The politicians in the Storting decided to demolish Norwegian nature with wind turbines, without an open, informed debate. It provided powerful forces to prevent. By Christina Fjeldavli, first published in Norwegian in Harvest Magazine. If Henrik Ibsen had lived today,…
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